The Mermaids That Changed History

We all grew up fantasizing about swimming the oceans with mermaids and beaches and joining a pirate crew to sail the high seas. The legends of mermaids came from early European mythologies. Some say that lonely sailors made up the mythical creature out of loneliness in long sails. They would look at manatees sunbathing on the rocky shores and imagine maidens with lush golden hair who were part fish from the bottom down.

The stories trickled down into the books, and the myth evolved throughout the years from culture to culture and old wives’ tales. Some mermaids were goddesses of beauty and objects of desire for sailors. Others were malicious creatures whose siren song pulled sailors to the depth below, to their death.

But whatever the portrayal, mermaids would remain one of the fascinating subjects in children’s stories, movies, and our dreams.

As children, we all fell instantly in love with the red-haired little mermaid’s quest. She just wanted to talk to the prince of her dreams and stopped at nothing to achieve her dreams. We watched the underwater realm in awe and fell in love with the sea world. We carry that fascination within us to date.

Some have turned the lore of mermaids into artistic portrayals of the world underneath the ocean. Underwater zoo organizes various shows where Olympic medallists and performers dive deep into the ten million-litre tank. The audience watches wonderfully as real-life mermaids swim around them, separated by only a few inches of glass. The theme of the shows often hovers around a story of mermaids and mermen in an underwater fantasy, where all of them dance in perfect choreography underwater. Those who haven’t been able to watch it in person can only dream what it must feel like to view the actors weave the fantasy-like world of Atlantis.

The Story of Mermaid Melissa

Mermaid Melissa is swimming with her dolphin friends.
While mermaids remain a source of wonderment for many, for others, folklore is a commitment. A tribute humans owe to the ocean. The story of mermaid Melissa is just as unique and impact as the little mermaid or the renowned performers. And in light of recent events, it is much more critical.

Melissa is a real-life mermaid performer who is always fighting the battle for the dolphins and creatures of the sea. Her dedication to aquatic life is legendary, and she promotes education through entertainment to her audience. We can all stand behind her iconic slogan – “let’s help save the oceans before all creatures become mythical.”

All around the world, she appears in performances. She swims underwater for minutes and is licensed with the Mermaid Entertainment Aquatic Company. She has a whole team of talented cast who play roles of mermen and pirates, and even a stunt team to organize underwater performances. She has become one with the legends and has popped up everywhere, from poolside parties to corporate promotions, and we can honestly say – we are rooting for you.