Month: July 2023

9 Best Places to See Dolphins

Dreaming of swimming with the dolphins? In the waters across the world, dolphins swim the high seas, sail with the winds, and you can join them. Here are the 9 places you can see dolphins in their natural habitats.

1. Azores, Portugal

common dolphin pod leaping in bright blue ocean with coast of San Diego in the background. Whale watching tours in California USA. Wildlife preservation and marine biodiversity

The Azores Archipelago is situated in the mid-Atlantic and houses the biggest marine sanctuaries. You can spot over 20 different species of dolphins, including bottlenose, Risso’s, and migratory dolphins. The warm water is preferred by pilot whales as well, so if you are lucky, you will encounter one.

2. Taranto, Italy

Gulf of Taranto is home to many aquatic species. Watch the striped dolphins, bottlenoses, common dolphins. You can even spot Rough Toothed dolphins, killer whales, and pilot whales. Many eco-tour companies will take you through the waters carefully while ensuring the safety of these animals.

3. Hong Kong

If you want to see some of the famed Chinese white dolphins, then off the coast of Lantau Island is where you head to go. The magnificent creatures are called white, but are a natural shade of distinctive pink, with red blood vessels running under their skin. There aren’t many of these dolphins here, but local touring companies could make sure you catch a glimpse of these wondrous animals.

4. Bahamas

Bimini is the most picturesque place, where dolphins are so at ease; they even approach human divers and snorkelers. Atlantic spotted dolphins are very common in this place. Dolphins are naturally curious creatures. They are quite friendly to the humans who frequent these waters.

5. Cape Town

This South African destination has a sardine bloom every year that brings in all the dolphins, sharks, and whales to the coast of Cape Town. It could be not very easy to predict when the bloom happens, due to the sensitive nature of the water currents, weather, and other animals. You can go there as there are dusky dolphins, humpbacks and common dolphins all around the year.

6. Southern California

The San Diego and Santa Barbara coast are a hotbed for aquatic animals. They are one of the most crowded places for dolphins in the entire world. The common dolphin is entirely too common a sighting. If that does not excite you, know that the common dolphin is a delightful creature. Sometimes, thousands of dolphins swim over vast stretches, to come to these shores. Even orcas are not that uncommon to find in these waters.

7. Marco Island, Florida

Florida is notorious for all the zoos and water parks where dolphins are kept captive. As such, we suggest you head on to Marco Island if you prefer watching wild whales. The water there is filled with mullet, which is a favorite food of bottlenose dolphins. If you get lucky, you will also meet a group of manatees roaming the waters. Whereas they are not as popular as the dolphins, manatees are super friendly and peaceful towards humans.

8. Kaikoura, New Zealand

River mouth on black sand beach at kaikoura coast, New Zealand

The rare Hector’s dolphin is one of the smallest species that you can expect to see in the islands. This is a gorgeous place with lush blue waters and is a delight for tourists, whether they want to watch dolphins or not. But for dolphin lovers, there are dusky dolphins too. They come in various patterns of grey, white, and black.

9. Moreton Island, Australia

The entire island in Queensland is a national park. So, all the wildlife that swim the shores have protection by law. Consequently, it is one of the many joints where you can see many sea creatures. The conservation centre has special dolphin tours where you can see the daily dolphin feeding on the bead of the Tangalooma Island Resort.